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NTS custom Cluster Solutions are highly scalable solutions for high performance, scientific and commercial computing workloads. The benefit of rack-mounted servers is commodity based, high performance computing in an industry standard form factor. NTS  clusters offer a great processing foundation for High-Performance and Enterprise computing.

NTS systems are compatible with thousands of Linux applications across a wide range of vertical industries.
NTS also offers a complete range of professional services and expertise to help simplify the planning, design, and implementation of your cluster system. ALL NTS servers include a 3-year warranty.

1U Rackmount Servers

Rocks is an open-source Linux cluster distribution that enables end users to easily build computational clusters, grid endpoints and visualization tiled-display walls. Hundreds of researchers from around the world have used Rocks to deploy their cluster
1U Rackmount Servers

MOAB CLuster Suite
Moab Cluster Suite is a policy-based intelligence engine that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring and reporting of cluster workloads. It guarantees service levels are met while maximizing job throughput. Moab integrates with existing middleware for consolidated administrative control and holistic cluster reporting. Its graphical management interfaces and flexible policy capabilities result in decreased costs and increased ROI
TORQUE (Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager) is a resource manager providing control over batch jobs and distributed compute nodes. It is a community effort based on the original PBS project and has incorporated significant advancements in the areas of scalability, fault tolerance, and feature extensions contributed by NCSA, OSC, USC, the U.S. Dept of Energy, Sandia, PNNL, University of Buffalo, TeraGrid, and many other leading edge HPC organizations. TORQUE is fully supported by Moab Workload Manager and Maui Scheduler
1U Rackmount Servers

Platform LSI
Platform LSF, the industry-leading workload management solution for high performance computing (HPC) environments, schedules batch and interactive workload for compute- and data-intensive applications in cluster and grid environments. Architected for large scale, complex, and mission critical high performance computing environments Platform LSF enables organizations to Maximize utilization, of existing IT infrastructure so more work is done with fewer resources
1U Rackmount Servers

PBS Works
OPBS Works is a complete portfolio of software tools useful for building and managing high-performance computing infrastructure. Enterprises using PBS Works are able to realize the full value of their HPC investments, whether through faster time to market or improved product quality, because they can their computing resources more efficiently while lowering energy costs. PBS Works is the most widely used workload and resource management portfolio for technical computing from multi-core desktops and commodity-based clusters to systems built using emerging graphics processing units (GPUs) or the largest supercomputers
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