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 Press Release May 18, 2010
New Tech Solutions, Inc. today launched its second generation of the industry's leading lineup of GPU servers optimized for the new NVIDIA Tesla 20-series GPUs (based on "Fermi" architecture).

Here are the few reasons you should have NVIDIA Tesla GPUs solution in your servers:

World's fastest 1U server, a 4U/tower that supports four NVIDIA Tesla GPUs along with three additional PCI-e cards for high-bandwidth I/O, and a 2U Twin server that supports two hot-pluggable GPU nodes with redundant power. New Tech Solutions systems are optimized for the new NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPU computing module that enable seamless integration of GPUs into large, scale-out deployments in commercial and scientific computing data centers. Servers with Tesla GPUs provide maximum compute-density for the data center, delivering the same compute performance as a CPU-only cluster at 1/10th the cost and 1/20th the power consumption with the ability to scale to thousands of nodes.

New Tech Solutions, Inc., New GPU product line features both Intel Xeon 5600 Series (Westmere) processor as well as AMD Opteron 6100 Series (Socket G34) processors. These systems also feature the advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities that data center IT staff require. With multiple x16 non-blocking native PCI-Express 2.0 connectivity, 1400-watt Gold Level (93%+ efficiency) power supplies and advanced thermal design, these highly parallel, multi-GPU systems have been optimized for a wide range of graphics and computationally intensive applications.

As the fastest 1U server in the world, Supermicro's 6016GT-TF-FM205 Tesla-based server provides the industry's highest compute density and serves as a uniform building block for large-scale datacenter deployments. Optimized for performance and reliability, the 6016GT-TF-FM205 supports dual Intel Xeon 5600 series processors and features two NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPUs via two Gen2 PCI-Express x16 connections.

Suitable for cluster configurations and personal supercomputing, the 7046GT-TRF-FC405 is housed in the SC747TQ-R1400; Supermicro's new 4U Rackmount convertible tower chassis. This chassis supports up to 11 full-height, full-length expansion cards, eight hot-swappable 3.5" SAS/SATA drives, and special design features that bolster graphics and computationally intensive applications.

The latest addition to Supermicro family of GPU-based systems, the 2U Twin GPU server introduces an innovative architecture with hot-swappable devices to facilitate easy maintenance and eliminate down time, while also saving power and space by sharing the same chassis and power supplies. Each computing node features onboard QDR Infiniband for 40 Gb/second high-bandwidth connectivity and supports six hot-swap 3.5" SATA drives to deliver unprecedented I/O performance.

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About Company:
New Tech Solutions, Inc. (NTS) is a privately held, minority-owned, Small Business, 8(a) SDB certified Company headquartered in Fremont, California.
New Tech Solutions, Inc. was established in 1997, Specializing in manufacturing custom configurations High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, complex data storage solutions, and graphical and visualization solutions as well as supplying a broad spectrum of leading edge IT products. We also specialize in high value services, focused primarily on server virtualization and consolidation, data center migrations, disaster recovery, and IT product installation, management and support.

The company’s focus is on delivering the highest value solutions, products and services to our clients across their diverse business disciplines, accelerating the “time to value” of these technology investments.


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