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NTS provides a full complement of system services and support to help Customer get the most out of its NTS custom system solutions. The proposed solution includes extensive hardware and software support.


NTS will be the focal point of contact for service and support on all equipment and software purchased through this contract.


NTS support contracts are renewable on an annual basis or can be purchased upfront with multi-year discounts.  The alternative support contract levels are Priority, Priority Plus and Premium. The detailed features offered with each level are described below: 


Feature/Support Contract Priority Priority Plus Premium

Business Hours Phone, Email and Fax Support




24/7 Phone Support




3-Year Parts Warranty




Optional Four Hour Onsite Service




Optional Spares




Optional Onsite Technician





The services offered above are described below:

   Phone, Fax and E-mail Support Phone and fax support during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, Pacific Standard Time).

  24/7 Phone Support Premium contracts include 24/7 telephone support. The initial response time after hours is two hours; otherwise response time is within one hour.

  3-Year Parts Warranty All hardware is sold with a 3-year standard warranty. Standard warranty covers within US only.


 Optional Service 

  Four Hour Onsite Service (Optional) The on-site service option is to customers with Priority Plus or Premium Support Contracts.  This is an agreement between NTS and you to expedite on-site hardware warranty response for designated components.  This service provides that NTS will make its best effort to arrive on-site within 4 hours to replace a defective hardware component, restore the system to a hardware operational condition, and verify the hardware integrity of the systems.

   Spare Parts (Optional) - NTS can provide spare parts at a discount to be located on-site at your facility.  This ensures the highest level of reliability, service, and system uptime.  If spare parts are purchased with the system, NTS will stock and cross ship the faulty parts as stated herein, and return it to stock as the spares.

  Onsite Technician (Optional) Onsite technicians are available as an additional cost option with support.  This is an agreement between NTS and you to have an onsite engineer experienced with NTS solutions to work with you and the NTS system for a period of 12 months.  Contract for this service can be renewed on an annual basis.


In addition to these standard contracts, NTS can provide customized support agreements based on additional requirements specifically for you. 


NT Warranty

The proposed System is comprised of all new equipment. This proposal includes a one (1) year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.  This warranty covers parts and labor.  The warranty period is measured from the time of initial system shipment.  All warranty service is provided directly by NTS.  Products deemed defective should be returned to NTS after receiving an RMA number from the NTS service department for immediate repair or replacement.  The customer pays for shipping of warranty items to NTS, while NTS pays return shipping for authorized RMA returns. 

If the package is damaged while receiving, Customers must notify NTS with in 48 hours.


Under the proposed support contract, the following provisions apply:


NTS will process returns items with a valid RMA number only.

Customer pays shipping to NTS on all returns.  NTS will pay for UPS next day on return when replacement or fixed part is shipped to the customer.

Customer pays shipping to NTS.  NTS will pay for UPS next day on return.

No cross shipping is permitted.  NTS must receive defective part with a valid RMA number before return shipment.  If spare node(s) are purchased with system, NTS will stock and cross ship them via UPS next day, then repair the faulty nodes as stated herein, and return to stock as the spare.

Ten business days are required by NTS to repair or replace parts from the day they are received.

Based on the availability of replacement parts, NTS reserves the right to substitute the returned part(s) with part(s) that are of equal or better quality.


Warranty for Third Party Vendors

NTS is an authorized reseller and system integrator of various systems like Rack Server, Storage systems, Blade server, Desktop & Workstation systems using name brand products like Intel, AMD, Super Micro, Tyan, Cisco, Foundry Networks, Extreme Networks and other hardware and software products. NTS supports these vendors products resold through NTS in accordance with our standard contract and warranty. All products resold through NTS are serviced directly by NTS to you.



Please send all systems and parts to our NTS Support Headquarters:

NTS Support
4179 Business Center Dr.
Fremont, CA - 94538

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